Officer Candidates

Below is a list of Officer candidates for the 2024 Board of Directors, their bios, and or their answers to our questionnaire as submitted. 

Jeremy Shaw-President

    My Family purchased our home in 2006.



I was elected to VP and inherited the President position upon the resignation of our former Pres. I have contributed to the transition to automated gates at the pools, building the BSW website, and contributed to the Clubhouse renovation. 

I want to see our neighborhood become vital again. I have a robust background in real estate sales, development, & rehabilitation. I’ve worked on numerous projects throughout NWSA.

While some of our guiding documents are a bit outdated, they have stood the test of time.

For over 40 years of my working life, my jobs have always required coordination and execution of plans...many times with parties at cross purposes. I am very proud that I have been overwhelmingly successful at delivering solutions acceptable to all parties involved.

I would like to continue to find ways to create more value to our neighbors through more creative uses of our current budget, like we did last year with the pools. So far we have discussed converting some of the tennis courts to pickleball. The courts are due for maintenance, and this would be an opportunity to expand their use to a greater portion of our community. Likewise, applying low-cost solar lighting and moving a portion of our groundskeeping budget would allow us to beautify our BSW monuments (signs) along Tezel, Old Tezel, and Guilbeau...with little impact to our current budget. 

Colin Dowling-Vice President

Approximately 24 years



Pool Access, Clubhouse remodel, and Annual Picnic. 

Sign policy so that less citations would need to be issued.

Greater transparency and cohesiveness to provide a safe and happy community for our residents. 

Ginny Stricklin-Treasurer

     My Family purchased our home in 1996. 



I was elected by the homeowners in January 2022. At the first board meeting in February, I was elected by the board to serve as Secretary. In March since no Treasurer had been elected at the Annual Meeting - I also assumed the position of Treasurer. In January 2023 I was elected by the homeowners to continue my position of Treasurer. Going through 3 different Managers in 2022 -2023.  With a new Board and new Manager, I headed up the budget for 2023. At the end of 2023 - the HOA had enough money in our checking to cover the expenses for for January 2024 without having to borrow money from the savings account as has been done in previous years. I have worked with the Clubhouse Renovation Committee. I helped at the Rummage Sale, painting the clubhouse and the manager’s office and am proud to say that the men's bathroom is complete and the renovation committee volunteers will be working on the Women’s bathroom in the near future..   

I want to see our neighborhood become totally self-funded. I am good at details. My past experience being in the Military (22 years), working at my church (20 years; I have proven that I am team player, and strive for the better good of everyone not just the squeaky wheel.. I want to encourage my neighbors to enjoy our neighborhood and continue to make it a warm and inviting place to live. 

Some of our guiding documents are a bit outdated. I would like to continue the work that the By-Laws Committee did in 2022 by bringing our By-Laws, up to date. 

For over 50 years of my working life, I have always been a team player. I want to ensure that every member on my team has a voice and is heard. During my 20 years, working for my pastor - I still remember his words to me; “People before Problems”. In my personal life my husband and I enjoying riding and reading. Our riding is on 3-wheels; we both ride Harley Davidson trikes. Riding with other motorcyclist is a true test of being a team player - it is not just about you - it is about others you are with. Paying attention to others -watch, listen, before you speak. 

I would like to continue to listen to my neighbors and hear what they want.  I want to encourage them to become a part of the community and get involved. Let’s not just come home, walk into our home and stay until it is time leave again. Know your neighbors - help when you can and most importantly let others know when “YOU” need help.  By not telling others, you are robbing there from the joy of being a servant. Find creative ways to get individuals and or neighborhoods involved. Look at the renovation of the Clubhouse - the HOA only paid $3000, the rest of the money was from individuals and sweat equity.  Finding ways to recognize those who show pride in their property.  Paint, plants, and repairs not only improve your property but improve the look our our neighborhood. Let’s continue to beautify our BSW monuments (signs) along Tezel, Old Tezel, and Guilbeau...with little impact to our current budget.