Strategy Statement

Your HOA board of directors and manager are very excited to serve the BSW community.  In order to best serve the needs of the neighborhood, we need to be aligned with the vision we have for the community.  We all have a part to play in making BSW the best it can be.  To that end, this is the vision for Braun Station West. 


A community we’re all proud to call home of friendly, caring, and respectful neighbors who help each other uphold the value of our properties and community relationships.


To preserve and enhance our community by providing a beautiful, well-maintained, safe, and neighborly environment for the common benefit and enjoyment of all residents.

In the execution of this mission, there are values that drive our actions and will help us realize our vision.


These are the principles and expectations that should guide Board actions and neighbor interactions.

Guiding Principles for BSWCIA Board Members

BSWCIA Member Expectations