When are the annual assessments (HOA dues) due each year?

The assessment invoices are mailed out at the end of January each year.  The assessments are due by March 1st.

How do we get access to the Tennis Courts?

Residents need to purchase a key from the office (8630 Tezel Rd) to access the three tennis courts (two courts at Tezel, one court at Brigadoon).  The cost is $15.00 per key.  They are security keys — not duplicable.  The key will hopefully be good for many years until the Board of Directors decides to change the locks.

How do we get access to the Pools?

Pool gate access cards are required for access to the two Braun Station West pools (Brigadoon and Tezel).  Those under 14 must be accompanied by an adult that has a pool access card.  Pool key cards can be purchased at the office (8630 Tezel Rd) during specified hours.

When is the newsletter published?

The Braun Station West newsletter is published 6 times per year: December, February, April, June, August, and October.

Articles and advertisements for the newsletter are due by the 10th of every odd numbered month.  Residents are welcome and encouraged to submit articles of interest.  The newsletter is published by the Manager, making it easy to submit articles and advertisements.

Article submissions may be emailed to office at manager@braunstationwest.com

What public schools will our children attend?

Braun Station West is located in the Northside Independent School District (the best school district in the city!). 

Elementary School Braun Station Elementary

Middle School Coke Stevenson Middle School

High School — John Marshall High School

Please check with the school district to confirm.