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Covenants and By-Laws

Braun Station West By-Laws (Updated 2012)
Braun Station West Homes - Unit Information
Braun Station West Covenants

Braun Station West Covenants (Applies to every home in Braun Station West)

Legislation was passed that  sets the percentage needed @ 66 2/3 to change the deed restrictions.  Our deed restrictions had set the percentage at 75% after we became 30 years old.  It started out at 90% needed.



There are additional restrictions for most of the units that are not listed on the web site. If you have any additional questions about a construction project, please call the office. I have pulled out a couple examples of additional restrictions that apply to certain units. The 75% masonry would apply to additions etc. The 5' to an interior lot would include buildings like sheds.

  • 75% Masonry

Units 18, 20A

  • No detached garage or other permitted accessory building not designed for occupancy shall be located nearer than five feet (5') to an interior line.

Unit 20A

(This unit includes all houses in the Braun Hts. area, except the Pulte Built homes) 

Units 20B-1, 20B-2, 20C, 20D

Units 20B-1, 20B-2, 20C, 20D.  These are additional covenants that apply to the following streets and addresses. (Pulte Homes) 

  • 8718 Thru 8818 London Heights
  • 8502 Thru 8623 Queen Heights
  • Curry Heights
  • Drayton Heights
  • Goodwick Heights
  • Hetton Heights
  • Murphy Heights
  • Null Heights
  • Regis Heights
  • Selby Heights
  • Skye Heights
  • Warley Heights

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