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Letter To Community

Sep 24, 2019


During the past few months our neighborhoods have seen an increase in burglaries. My intention is to reach out to everyone in our area and notify them of these crimes and discuss ways we can minimize this activity. By doing a few things, we can ensure our neighborhoods are safer for all.

The first thing we can do is to increase awareness on our streets and around our neighborhood. Sharing unusual activity and notifying your neighbors will help everyone increase their awareness. Get to know your neighbors so that you can look out for each other.

A second thing is keeping your outdoor lights on overnight. A decrease in lighting can be an invitation for would be criminals to enter our neighborhoods. I encourage everyone to get in contact with your neighborhood representatives, whether that be a block captain, or your HOA board members. We can work together to overcome this recent activity.

National Night Out is Tuesday, October 1st and I encourage all neighborhoods to have an event, engaging with your neighbors. If anyone would like assistance putting together an event, please let me know.

Last and foremost is participating in Citizens on Patrol (COP) which is a program brought to you by the San Antonio Police department. The goal of the program is to help us recognize potential problems in our neighborhoods. We have all heard “see something, say something.” This is an opportunity to get training on situation awareness as well as knowing what the laws and procedures are concerning protecting our property.
Upcoming classes are in September and November at the SAPD Substation at 5020 Prue Rd, 78240.

September 26, 2019………………………6:00-10:00pm
November 14, 2019……………………….6:00-10:00pm

You can find additional information at: www.sanantonio.gov/SAPD/Cellular-On-Patrol

On another note many of you may be aware of SAFFE (San Antonio Fear Free Environment). The SAFFE Unit consists of SAPD officers who focus on identifying, evaluating and resolving community crime problems with the cooperation and participation of community residents. Our SAFFE officer is Officer Shawn King who is based out of our Prue Road substation. He may be contacted at (210) 207-5822 or shawn.king@sanantonio.gov

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you at the September 26th, Citizen’s on Patrol class at the Prue Rd substation.

Patricia Varela
Braun Station West Resident




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