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Afforadable Housing Petition/Austin Bus Trip

May 26, 2017

For those of you that are not on NextDoor.Com, here is a post made by Chelsey Dawson on NextDoor.com.

Note: Braun Station West Board President also made the trip to Austin.

Braun Station West
I would like to begin with thanking Senator Menendez for funding the bus, State Rep Justin Rodriguez for personally coming to meet us after the hearing, representatives from State Rep and Senator office for coming, Councilman elect Ana Sandoval for speaking, and finally the residents in our area who came to stand behind us. Mark Howson, Claire Decker, Bruce Decker and I wrote a petition 4 weeks ago and took it to Austin after collecting 3,088 signatures. We spoke before the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs board and delivered the storyline of the last month involving affordable housing projects in our area and how we as residents, constituents, and tax payers are opposing the complexes therefore we want the applications submitted by the developers for tax exemptions to be denied. We received compliments from board members about our presentation being well prepared. Our state and local representatives witnessing the presentation were very pleased that we stood up for our community. We gained knowledge about steps we need to take between now and Middle of June to support more information to the TDHCA board supporting our opposition. There will be an official board hearing in July and we will attend that as well. The board then makes a final decision about the developments listed on our petition. Some of the steps we must take will require help from our fellow residents like you reading this and we will post more about that. Our topic was not officially on the agenda for yesterday therefore the board could not ask questions and each of us who spoke only had 3 minutes to provide information. Regardless, the board listened and we made a strong case that will help our presentation in July that will be on the agenda for the final vote. All of us who made the trip, even those who did not speak, signed in and listed the application number in which they were here about and that is very important. We all came home last night feeling positive about our presentation and we are more determined than before to stop these developments. More to come in the next week but I wanted to give a summary of our trip now.




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