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Criminal Activity Posted By SAFFE Officer

Jan 23, 2017

The following information was posted on NextDoor.comn web site by ourĀ  SAFFE Officer. (San Antonio Police Department)

In investigating the criminal activity listed in previous posts, we had a suspect that we believed was responsible for NUMEROUS Home Burglaries in NW Crossing/ Braun Station, Car Thefts and Vehicle Thefts. THIS WEEK ALONE, we beleive that he burglarized several houses and cars in Braun Station and NW Crossing.

Prue Property Crimes detectives investigated and were able to get several warrants on this individual. However, we were unable to find him.

Fri night/Sat morning, he went on a crime spree in Helotes. Helotes Police located him at a motel near 1604/Bandera Rd. Prue A-Shift officers, familiar w/ this individual, made the scene. At about 10:00 am Sat Morning, after a brief standoff, he was taken into custody.

The arrests made this week by officers w/ the Prue Patrol, Property Crimes, and Saffe Units, along with Helotes Police, should go a LONG way in decreasing the violence and property crimes in your neighborhoods. We are confident that the individuals arrested this week were responsible for a majority of the property crimes and all of the shootings in your neighborhoods the past few weeks.
As always, please stay vigilant and watch out for your neighbors.




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