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BSW News Blasts Troubleshooting

Feb 22, 2023

By now you should have received at least one message from the new BSW News Blasts hosted by Google Groups. The following messages have been sent from Google Groups:

2/15 - Mail Theft
2/19 - Keeping Braun Station West Picture Perfect
2/19 - Office Closure & Assessments Reminder
2/22 - BSW News Blasts Group Troubleshooting

If you're not receiving the messages from Google Groups, here's a decision tree to help troubleshoot the problem:

I. Do you have a GMail account?
IA. Yes: Does the account use the same email address as the one receiving News Blasts from the old listserver?
IA1. Yes: Make sure you're signed in to that account and not another Google account.
IA2. No: Add the email address in Manage Your Google Account > Personal Info > Contact Info > Email > Add alternate email.
IB. No: Create a new GMail account > Use my current email address instead. Use your existing, non-GMail address.

II. Can you access the BSW News Blasts Group directly at https://groups.google.com/g/bsw-news-blasts.
IIA. Yes: Check your membership settings for the group and that the Subscription is set to "Each email," "Digest," or "Abridged." If it's set to "No Email," that's why you're not receiving the emails.
IIB. No: It will say, "You don't have permission to access this content. For access, try joining the group."
IIB1. Click the "Join group" button or "joining the group" link.
IIB2. After choosing your settings, click "Join Group" again.

III. Are the BSW News Blasts in your spam, junk or another folder, such as one labelled "Newsletters"?
IIIA. Yes: Mark the emails as "Not Junk", remove the filter or label, etc.
IIIB. No: If none of the steps above work, contact me and I will remove your email from the members list so you can try to resubscribe.

At some point in the near future, we will stop sending News Blasts from the listserver. If you are receiving messages from both the listserver and Google Groups, feel free to unsubscribe from the listserver messages. This will help us determine when we can shut down the listserver (and eliminate duplicate messages for you).

Keith Riggle
President, BSWCIA







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