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Digital Billboards Survey - Corrected Link

Feb 8, 2023

Opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed amendment regarding digital billboards, which is being considered as part of an update to the Sign Ordinance. Time is of the essence, as the Building and Fire Codes Update Committee will vote on this soon.

The conversion of existing printed billboards to digital (LED) billboards has been widely discussed. In an attempt to inform citizens about the proposed changes to the Sign Code, the city held a series of 5 public meeting throughout the city. Those meetings were not well attended. In order to obtain additional input from citizens, the city has crafted a survey through SASpeakUP regarding the possible conversion of printed billboards to digital billboards.

The current proposal would create the possibility of approximately tripling the number of digital billboards in San Antonio within 3 years However, in order to convert from printed to digital, the billboard owner would be required to remove 4X the square footage of printed billboard structures compared to the square footage of the structure converted to digital. Conversion to digital in some areas, such as historic districts would be prohibited. In addition, billboard owners would be awarded a 1.5 square footage premium for removal of billboards in selected areas.

The survey, along with additional information about the proposal is located here:


The survey is short but participants will have to scroll down past the meeting schedule to access it, It appears that participants can provide comment on the second question by clicking “Comment” and commenting before selecting “Yes, No, or No Opinion”.

Keith Riggle
President, BSWCIA







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