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2023 Annual Election Results (Unofficial)

Jan 28, 2023

Dear Homeowner,

The 2023 BSWCIA Homeowners' Meeting was the largest held by our Association in memory—about 125 attendees plus 300 proxies. Due to the record-breaking turnout, check-in and ballot counting were a bit hectic, but everyone remained calm and patient with each other.

Here are the final verified but unofficial vote counts for each position, which will be formally announced at the regular Board meeting on Feb 8:

DIRECTOR (3)      1234
JEREMY SHAW      302
JOHN SIEDO      247
PRESIDENT         418
JEREMY SHAW      217
TREASURER      421
LUCY OLSON      201

Note: some owners did not use all their available votes. In case you're wondering, "Julie Olson" is what was on the ballot, so that's what went on the final chief teller's report; she's recorded as an "Unclear" vote.

Some people may notice that the result for Vice President is different from what was stated at the clubhouse where the meeting reconvened without a quorum. After some inquiries from homeowners about the accuracy of the vote tabulations, I asked our manager, Heather Donahue, a bookkeeper and impartial person, to doublecheck the figures on both Chief Teller's reports. The Directors' totals were fine, but the initial vote count totals for the Officers' election were incorrect.

Since it's the duty of the Chair to ensure the election results are in order before they're officially announced and the winners declared, as the new President and chairman of the Board, I ordered a recount of the ballots for VP and Treasurer.

Thanks to the hard work yesterday by Heather, as well as Pat Garza, our clerk, we now have a verified recount for the VP and Treasurer. They each counted every ballot until their counts for each office matched. This was the customary procedure for past elections, but it wasn't used at the meeting due to time constraints and the large number of ballots cast. I think everyone completely understands that the tellers at the meeting were under pressure to finish the count in a short amount of time, plus there was a lot of commotion, not to mention having to pack everything up and move it to the clubhouse.

Lastly, although we had no choice, reconvening the meeting without a quorum left us with an incomplete election, since normally the results of an election are declared at the meeting that conducted the election. The Texas Property Code and our Bylaws are silent on the issue, so we're following Robert's Rules of Order on "Providing for Completion of an Election"* by formally announcing the results at the Feb regular Board meeting.

Holding an Annual Meeting is a complex process with many moving parts. The Annual Meeting Committee, of which I was the chair, developed a 60-item checklist and detailed procedures, and yet we still didn't foresee some of the issues that arose. We've already identified several lessons to help improve the process next year, to include not using directed proxies (use absentee ballots), not accepting proxies after the deadline (tell agents to bring them to the meeting), allowing more time for the meeting, putting each officer on a separate ballot, having more tellers, and having tellers count only one office each. I hope to conduct a survey to collect other lessons identified.

If you have any questions, please contact me at bswcia.keith+election@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest in our Association!

Keith Riggle
BSWCIA President

*Robert's Rules of Order were informally adopted by the 2022 Board of Directors at the Feb meeting, and Robert's Rules procedures for small boards were formally adopted at the Sep 2022 meeting.
46:44. Providing for Completion of an Election. An election should be
completed at the session at which it is taken up, unless it is impossible or
impractical to do so. If an assembly wishes to adjourn when an election is
incomplete, an adjourned meeting should therefore be provided for. If
such an adjourned meeting is not provided for and the organization will
hold another regular business session before a quarterly time interval has
elapsed, the election is taken up automatically at the next regular meeting.







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