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Proxy Deadline Reminder

Jan 16, 2023

Dear Braun Station West Homeowner,

This is a reminder that the deadline to return completed proxy forms for the Annual Homeowners' Meeting is 6 p.m. Friday, Jan 20, 2023. This deadline also applies to block captains. This will give us only 3 days to validate proxies, update our database, print check-in rosters, print ballots and labels with owner's' info, affix the labels to the ballots, attach them to the proxies, and sort them. And there are several other dominoes that must fall for the meeting to go smoothly.

A few points need to be emphasized:
- Please write your name legibly in the first blank, as we must validate that you are an owner entitled to vote at the meeting.
- You must specifically name your proxy (agent) in the second blank of the form.
- Your agent must be another BSW homeowner who will attend the meeting. They do not have to be a block captain or member of the board. They cannot be a tenant.
- Choose either Option A or Option B. The current slate of candidates is on our website.
- Sign and date the form and write your address legibly on the appropriate lines.
- Any subsequent proxy revokes any previously executed proxy, so if you change your mind, just turn in a new proxy.
- If you decide to attend the meeting, any proxy you've submitted will be revoked.

Legal implications can arise when proxies aren't handled properly, and abuse can result in a subversion of the electoral process. An improperly completed proxy could result in disqualification, which defeats the purpose of their collection. Ultimately, the board of directors is responsible for ensuring the proper running of the Annual Homeowners' Meeting. Therefore, we urge homeowner's who are soliciting for proxies to adhere to the points above and be open with the owners' they're representing about whom they intend to vote for.

As a reminder, the meeting will be held on Jan 25, 2023, at 7 p.m. at Stevenson Middle School, with check-in starting at 6:30 PM.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Keith Riggle
BSWCIA Vice President
Annual Meeting Committee Chair







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