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Braun Station West CIA -- Background on Sign Issue

Oct 4, 2022

Braun Station West CIA -- Background on Sign Issue

If you were not able to attend our Town Hall in August 2022 regarding the proposed amendment to the BSWCIA Covenants regarding signs and advertisements, the following information may be helpful.
Paragraph 17 of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of the Braun Station West (BSW) Community Improvement Association states, "No signs of any kind shall be displayed in the public view on any single-family residential lot except one professional sign of not more than five (5) square feet, advertising the property for sale or rent."
In 1995, the BSW Board of Directors issued a Sign Policy that greatly expanded the allowed signs to include temporary signs of a non-commercial nature, while continuing to allow "For Sale/Lease/Rent" signs.
The Covenants at the time required a vote of 75% of the property owners to amend the Covenants. (Texas Property Code Section 209.0041 (h) has since changed the required percentage of lot owners to approve a Covenants revision to 67%.)
Since the Board did not seek the approval of the owners before issuing the Sign Policy, a BSW homeowner sent a letter to the Board of Directors in late 2020 contending that the Board did not have the authority in 1995 to issue the Sign Policy in the first place.
The homeowner who brought this to our attention simply wants the Covenants to be enforced in order to maintain our property values and the aesthetic appeal of our neighborhood. He requested that we do this by amending the Covenants correctly instead of issuing a change through a policy.
After convincing the Board of the necessity of properly amending the Covenants to include a less restrictive sign policy, the 2021 Board of Directors created a Sign Committee. This committee was tasked to survey the Association members' views regarding informational signs, banners, and flags in the neighborhood. Using this feedback as a basis, the 2021 Board of Directors approved the final wording to a proposed amendment to Paragraph 17 of the Covenants and had it blessed by the HOA attorney early this year.
After more debate this year and planning for the execution of this vote, ballots for this issue were sent out to all lot owners by mail on September 30th. Please take the time to read the proposed wording and vote by the October 21, 2022 deadline. Instructions are in the mailing. Thank you for your consideration and participation.
Lucy Olson
BSWCIA President







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