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Board of Directors Update

Jun 19, 2020

An update on Monthly Board Meetings that haven’t taken place since March as a result of the city-wide shutdown due to COVID-19. During these unprecedented times, there was no playbook on how to proceed, nor information as to when it would be safe to resume monthly meetings and it still is not safe. The clubhouse remains closed for meetings. Although our website posts that meetings for April-June are cancelled, the Board did not forget its responsibilities to continue to perform the most essential HOA business operations on behalf of the residents, actions like signing checks, paying bills, getting taxes filed, engaging with community and District 7 on projects affecting the HOA, responding to resident’s concerns and approving ACC resident requests, etc.. Therefore, those Board officers entrusted with specific duties outlined by the Bylaws and their office still continued to perform their elected duties from home, keeping the Board informed via Email. Because it was important to be transparent, the President required all officers and the property manager to prepare monthly status reports on actions taken in performance of their office so that they could be filed in official BSW office records in absence of a meeting. The most important actions and issues have been reported in the president’s corner in our bi-monthly newsletter.
In July, the Board intends to hold a “virtual” Board meeting to provide a mid-year status report and interested residents are invited to attend. Once date has been set it will be posted in the BSW website with instructions. For those that can’t tune in for the virtual meeting, the President has decided to add additional sections in our next newsletter to report on finances, ongoing projects and issues affecting our HOA, so that all residents know what we are doing. Please remember that your Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers and residents like you and are doing the best they can to serve you the homeowner in service to the HOA residents.





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