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Pool Petition Received

Jun 15, 2020

The Braun Station West Office received a petition on Friday, 12 June from residents requesting that the BSWCIA Board of Directors hold a special meeting to reconsider the decision to close the pools for the 2020 season. In accordance with our HOA bylaws, we are executing the process of petition signature certification, logistical setup, securing a meeting place and giving sufficient notice to our 1154 homeowners to attend, while following state & local laws regarding social distancing. Please note we are NOT ignoring any petitioners' concerns and ask that you give us the time to properly set up this meeting. Any further questions or suggestions on this matter we ask that you provide to petitioner's spokesman or address it at this special meeting at the appropriate time for questions. Thank you for being a concerned resident of Braun Station West, and once we have concluded our preparations, we will notify all residents. Be advised that BSWCIA does not own, operate, or control “Next Door” in anyway and will not utilize Next Door as a platform for responses.

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