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Developed Lots: $264.40 (with interest)

Undeveloped Lots: $132.20 (with interest)


E-Check (ACH) $1.00 

Credit/Debit Cards 3%


Board of Directors & Committees

Would you like to get more involved in your community? Do you have ideas on how to make Braun Station West a better place to live? Your Board of Directors plans to stand up several committees this year, including the Clubhouse Renovation and Helping Hands committees. In addition, vacancies on the Board arise from time to time. To have your application on file for opportunities that arise, please complete the form at the link below.

Apply to be a member of the Board of Directors or committee

Helping Hands Committee Is Seeking Volunteers

Complete the volunteer form here; see the "Helping Hands" tab for more information.

Braun Station West Board of Directors Regular Monthly Meetings

Notice pursuant to Texas Property Code, Section 209.0051(e), Open Board Meetings: regular board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at 7 PM in the BSW Clubhouse. Owners & residents are welcome to attend. The Regular Board Meetings for 2023 are scheduled on the following dates:

February 8 (Agenda)
March 8      (Agenda)
April 12      (Agenda)
May 10       (Agenda)
June 14
July 12
August 9
September 13
October 11
November 8
December 13
The general subjects of the meetings are contained in this standing agenda, and, as they become available, are linked above.


Board of Directors Strategy Statement

Your HOA board is very excited to serve our community.  In order to best serve the needs of our neighborhood, we need to be aligned with the vision we have for the community.  We all have a part to play in making our neighborhood the best it can be.  To that end, this is our vision for Braun Station West.  
A community  we’re all proud to call home of friendly, caring, and respectful neighbors who help each other uphold the value of our properties and community relationships.
The HOA board plays a significant role in leading the community in realizing this vision.  The mission of your HOA board is:
To preserve and enhance our community by providing a beautiful, well-maintained, safe, and neighborly environment for the common benefit and enjoyment of all residents.
In the execution of this mission, there are values that drive our actions and will help us realize our vision.
VALUES we uphold:
Dedication – Recognize the needs of the community over personal interests
Respect – Value and embrace the experiences and opinions of others
Integrity – Perform the duties of the Board and of a member through an honest and principled approach to decisions
Volunteer – Encourage active participation of all members of the association
Equality – Value the diversity of our neighborhood
Key Goals for 2023 are: Increase efficiencies by streamlining processes and leveraging technology; Make updates to common areas for quality and safety; Implement modern access and surveillance systems for the pools; and Create a welcoming environment for all residents through events that bring neighbors together and helping those who need a hand. To see the full strategy statement, please visit https://bit.ly/bswbodstrategy.









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